Digital Refractometer for Brix Analysis in Foods

Κωδικός: HI96801
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 Digital Refractometer for Brix Analysis in Foods

The HI96801 is a rugged, portable digital refractometer for food products is designed to report the sugar content of aqueous solutions as % Brix.

The HI96801 report the results with an accuracy of ±0.2% Brix. The operation of the meter is simplified with only two buttons:

one button is to calibrate with distilled or deionized water and the other to take a measurement.

All readings are automatically compensated for temperature variations according to the ICUMSA Methods Book standard and displayed with a 1.5 second response time.

The sealed flint glass prism and stainless steel well are easy to clean. Just wipe with a soft cloth in preparation for the next sample.


Sugar Content Range 0 to 85% Brix
Sugar Content Resolution 0.1% Brix
Sugar Content Accuracy (@25C/77F) 0.2% Brix
Temperature Range 0 to 80C (32 to 176F)
Temperature Resolution 0.1C (0.1F)
Temperature Accuracy 0.3 C (0.5 F)
Temperature Compensation automatic between 10 and 40C (50 to 104F)
Measurement Time approximately 1.5 seconds
Minimum Sample Volume 100 μL (to cover prism totally)
Light Source yellow LED
Sample Cell stainless steel ring and flint glass prism
Auto-off after three minutes of inactivity
Enclosure Rating IP65
Battery Type / Life 9V / approximately 5000 readings
Dimensions / Weight 192 x 102 x 67 mm (7.6 x 4.01 x 2.6”) / 420 g (14.8 oz.)
Ordering Information HI96801 is supplied with battery and instruction manual


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